My first BLOG

About me - Bec "the professional pet sitter, dog walker, crazy animal lady - (My very first Blog post - EVER!)

Firstly, please forgive me, writing is not something I do a lot of these days so I'm not sure how readable this will be. I'll try my best!

I've been pet sitting/minding and dog walking professionally since 2003. I began by applying for an ad looking for a casual for a local Northern Beaches (Sydney) business called Moggie and Doggie. And so began my journey into the wonderful world of helping pet owners care for their pets!

10 Feb 2016

Well its a new year and things have quietened down after the chaos of the Christmas/school holiday period.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and getting to know all the little boarders that came and went and also of course meeting the owners. I hope this is the beginning of a great relationship where I am seen as someone you can trust your fur babies with when you go away.

I've learnt a lot about what a successful boarding situation for all means. Where the dog, the owner and also myself are all comfortable with each other, which then allows for a great experience for all. My goal is to ensure that your pooch is comfortable and feels safe. I think when these things are addressed then they are able to enjoy their time on their little holiday whilst you have yours. There are plenty of ways that you as their owner can assist with this and that is providing their bedding from home, all the usual food and treats they would have at home and also please let me know any tips or tricks that I can do to help them settle in.

I'm looking forward to seeing some familiar faces back for boarding again this year and am also more than happy to meet some new ones too.